Dear Alpha and Omega Family,

This month Pastor Andreas came to spend some time with us in Harare, Zimbabwe. Pastor Andreas is really like a father to us and his visits are always a blessed time of fellowship, encouragement and renewed spiritual vision.

While Pastor was with us, much time was spent in prayer together in order to clarify our goals and vision for 2020. Two of our 2020 goals for the ministry are to host ‘The Marriage’ course and to host another ‘Alpha course’ later this year.

The marriage course uses a DVD series for already married couples, focused on building up and strengthening their relationships. The Alpha course is a 12-week course, for unbelievers or new believers, to learn more about the Christian faith in a relaxed social setting. The aim is to initiate or strengthen participants relationships with Jesus.

Whilst in Harare Pastor Andreas was also able to spend some time visiting with and encouraging the Tapson family (both senior and junior) who are fellow members of the Harare church family.

The visit ended with a blessed time of fellowship over Sunday lunch at our home. Guests were the Tapson family and members of our weekly discipleship group. The occasion was concluded with a special dedication service for our little John Robert Henson, witnessed by friends and family.


My visit to our house Church in Harare Zimbabwe was blessed with the Lords presence which was evident in our prayers, our fellowship, and in the ministry of the word. Peter and Emma were extremely hospitable and it was a joy and a delight spending quality time with them as well as with the rest of our spiritual family in Harare.

I received great encouragement by the feedback they gave me and by the testimonies they shared as a result of our spiritual oversight and our continual ministry through our webinar sessions every Sunday evening. I thank the Lord for our partners in Harare, for their commitment first to the Lord Jesus as well as to our ministry.

Special thanks to Grant and Barbs as well as to Vernon and Alison for their warm hospitality and friendship.

Andreas Kyriacou

We ask that you would continue to keep this Harare ministry in your prayers; for continued wisdom to adequately lead our discipleship group; and particularly for those who will be doing these various courses, for hearts to be prepared to take part and receive truth and life!

God Bless,
Emma Henson