Dear Partners,

Firstly, I want to thank you for all your prayerful support throughout our current Cyprus visit and in particular for the ‘Together for Cyprus’ initiative.

I am pleased to inform you that the conference was a resounding success! Never have I seen so many leaders, from all four provinces, gather together in the unity of Christ. The conference was anointed, informative, and very encouraging.

The atmosphere was charged with excitement as a number of pastors shared their testimonies. Testimonies as to what the Father is doing; both in their own hearts regarding the call to unity, as well as to what is taking place in their individual cities as they gather together to fellowship with one another and pray.

Walls of separation are coming down, which kept these leaders isolated from each other. They are now looking forward to their frequent gatherings, giving themselves time to fellowship and pray together.

We are witnessing more and more leaders catching the vision of a united and prayerful church. We are stepping into a new day and a new atmosphere of unity and friendship. There are visible demonstrations of churches coming together in each city, either for worship, acts of mercy, or evangelism.

The highlight of the conference was the united prayer session, where we all joined in prayer for each province of Cyprus, led by each leader, representing their home city.

For me, this conference will remain in my memory as one of the most anointed conferences in which so many leaders participated together and made it a success.

In closing, I want to once again thank you all for your involvement and prayerful participation in making this conference a spiritual landmark, paving the way for a united Cyprus.

Andreas Kyriacou