The ‘next generation’ of Alpha and Omega Christian Fellowship attended ‘The Sending’ conference held in Jeffreys Bay during 5-7 July. To say we were touched would be an understatement. The Lord didn’t just touch us, He enveloped us with a tidal wave of His loving presence.

We drew closer to God and each other during our time away and we decided to combine our experiences into one creative prose, each of us illustrating how the Lord impacted our hearts.


A landmark moment. A stake in the ground.
A memorial commitment
You to me and me to You
All in from this moment. Nothing in reserve
My life for Yours, without pause, for your cause
At home and at peace in the heart of my Father
Your voice my rudder, my anchor, my compass
I yield to Your guiding with full trust and obedience
Unbelief banished, I step into fullness
Here I am Dad … show forth Your goodness


Oh Father, such laughter as we share in Your joy
Growing in one accord as each of us fine tune our hearts to Yours
Thank you for this precious family
For how they show me what You’re like and help me feel Your love

You’ve brought me through some rough and tumble
Where I didn’t even know which way was up
But you’ve set me into place forever – home, where I belong
Snug in the wonder of Your love, secure right here before Your throne

So many are trapped in the deep nightmare from which your light awoke me.
I’ve journeyed from that darkened state, and so I’ve seen the way
To share with them Your love and mercy, so every heart can see
The same glory that You worked in me, so Father please, send me!


Up to this point, You have always been there
But something has changed, now I’m far more aware
That all you want from me, it’s Your greatest dream
To be home in your presence, to jump into the stream

Here I am Father, Your daughter awaits
I’m ready to see Your plans fall into place
Thank you for holding me in Your warm embrace
From this point please lead me in the paths of Your grace.


I’ve never walked this road before
These steps are unfamiliar
But my feet are stable beneath me
In fact, more stable than before

I’ve never felt these feelings
What a thrill to be with You
So close that I can feel Your breath
As You tell me who I am to You

This is where I want to stay
Where Your light warms my soul
Where the tormenting fog of my fear and doubts dissipate
In the glory of who You are

I don’t need a map to find this place
Because Your love lives within me
So Dad, I’m going to sit here on Your lap
And listen to Your heartbeat for me


In the humdrum and the busyness
I’ve found peace in the midst of the storm
Captivated by Your smiling face
My anxious surrounds seem insignificant now

You took off the blinkers so now I can see
Just how close Your presence always was to me
Even when I can’t feel it, I’m safe in Your arms
Just as I am, wholly loved, nothing to prove

I simply can’t contain my praise
My gratitude is bursting at the seems
My eyes like a hawk are fixed on Your heart
Agile to your guiding word, Lord guide me to my mark


A shift in momentum. A fresh orientation.
A heart synchronisation to the symphony of Your love.
Without measure or limit, you fill me afresh.
Filling every empty nook, creeping into every cranny.
You satisfy my soul with your Father’s embrace
Your love unconditional. mercy unimaginable. Grace inestimable.
And here is where you choose to abide
In my heart and at my side.
Never alone I can lift my head high
Your joy and love lifting me, into fullness I fly


Sometimes I’ve wondered
When I can’t see what you’re doing
If You hear my prayers at all
Now I see that it’s in those lonely moments that You’re closer than ever, doing the most

Even when I can’ see it, You’re working
Even when I don’t feel it, You’re working
You never stop – You never stop working
When I don’t know what to do or where to go
You have a way for me – waiting to be found in who You are.

So here in Your presence, as you draw me close and hold me tight
Your Father’s love has filled my heart.
I’m safe – secure in who YOU are.

You’ve set me free from all my doubts.
I no longer value what others may say.
I unfurl the sail of my heart to the wind of your Spirit
Unafraid. Unhindered. Your presence makes me BRAVE!


A bright dawn. Fresh perspective. Drenched in mercy anew
A deluge of glory cleansing every part of me, with YOU
No longer the distance between ‘You’ and ‘me’
Realigned with the truth, I’m now all-in for ‘WE’
The yolk of what was, that I’ve hauled to this point
Now left there, abandoned, still dripping with tears
What freedom, what liberty, lungs burning with hope
Unrestrained, unrestricted into Father’s heart I go


I recall the landmarks that I’ve found you in the past.
I know that you are still there for me … waiting … calling me.
There’s so much more of who You are that you long for me to see.
There’s so much more love to perceive as I yield my heart to Yours.
The echo in my core – which I know to be true – is that You’re waiting to be found
In the secret place, I find your fragrance as my face meets the ground
Revival in my heart! Here You are. Here I am. Here we go … together.


This burning bush
This holy moment
My face feels the warmth of Your love
In response I remove the sandals of my heart
I let go – turning my back on all that could keep me from the fullness of who You are in this moment.

Oblivious to everything around me, Your presence burning in my heart,
I hear Your voice:
Today I send you to set my captive people free.
Remember this moment as a sign that I AM the one who has sent you.
Stop questioning.
Stop doubting.
I will be with you.


Bigger and bigger, who could measure the love
Swelling in my innermost, for the children of Your heart
I never could imagine all the dreams you see for them
And here you’ve placed them in my heart
To help them to reach out for them

I’m humbled, awed and overwhelmed
Yet steady my heart beats
For I know I don’t go alone
Your Spirit’s right here with me


Your home right here within my heart has sprouted a new wing
More rooms than I could imagine, with music never heard before
From Lord and Master to Father and Pastor
Its time I venture down these halls
A roll call of Your heart for all
To feed, embrace and give a safe place
For callings to flourish in Your love
No more excuses – for You’ve never made one
My ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ disarmed by the nearness of Your power and love.