Partnership is designed by God to dramatically increase the abilities, resources and rewards of every believer!

The principle of partnership is one that resonates throughout all of scripture.  From the very beginning, partnership has been at play.  From the Father, Son and Holy Spirit working together to form creation and God giving Adam a partner to help him fulfill his divine mandate, right the way through to the pouring out of the Holy Spirit where God partners with mankind to cause His kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth, as it is in heaven.

It is a principle that weaves itself through the very fibre of Christianity, and one that is all too often taken very lightly.  Another word for partnership, is covenant.  It’s a word that conjures up notions of commitment and unyielding loyalty.  This is the stuff that the kingdom of God is made of, and it is by this wonderful principle that it is strengthened, empowered and grows.

In our day and age, we often think of partnership as a form of contractual agreement.  The terms of the partnership are based upon the functions or tasks each party commits to deliver, and are quickly severed when expectations are not met.  Each party is in it for what they can gain, rather than for what they are able to contribute.  This, however, is not how partnerships in the kingdom of God works.

Someone who understood partnership from God’s perspective was David.  We see a beautiful picture of this in the 30th chapter of 1st Samuel, which I encourage you to read as it will give context to what I am saying.  David and his men had embarked on a military pursuit against the Amalekites.  Along the way, about 200 of the men became too weary to continue, and so they stopped and made a camp to rest while the others, numbering about 400, continued on with David.

David and the 400 men won their battle and returned with all that was taken from them, as well as a tremendous plunder.  Upon returning to the camp, however, some of the 400 men who fought with the Amalekites did not want to share the plunder with those who did not go with them into battle.  David’s response to them highlights a profound insight into the principle of partnership.

1 Samuel 30:23-25 says, “But David said, “My brethren, you shall not do so with what the Lord has given us, who has preserved us and delivered into our hand the troop that came against us.  For who will heed you in this matter?  But as his part is who goes down to the battle, so shall his part be who stays by the supplies; they shall share alike.”  So it was, from that day forward; he made it a statute and an ordinance for Israel to this day.”

 The principle is this, that you become a partaker of that with whom you partner.  In other words, through partnership, what I have will minister to you and what you have will minister to me, be it gifting, finances, relationships, revelation, anointing, calling, vision, whatever.

Let’s take a quick look at another example.  In 2nd Kings chapter 4, we read the account of a shunammite woman who could not bear children.  One day, as Elisha the prophet was passing through, she offered him hospitality and persuaded him to have a meal.  As time went on, she and her husband even built a room for him so that he would always have a place to rest when he travelled through the town.

Because this woman chose to partner with the man of God, the Lord touched his heart and caused him to ask his servant to find out what the desire of the woman’s heart was.  Upon finding out her situation, the prophet spoke into the situation, and the following year the woman had a baby boy.

Once again we see how the anointing that was upon the prophet’s life, touched the life of the shunammite woman, and the gift of hospitality that was on her life, ministered to the prophet.  This divine partnership, founded upon honor and service, brought blessing and enrichment to the lives of all concerned.  Isn’t that beautiful?

Isn’t this also exactly what happens when we become believers?  Isn’t everything that Christ has and is attributed to us, and was not everything that we were attributed to Him on the cross?  Indeed – it is the blessing of partnership and covenant.

The same principle that worked in the very beginning, that worked throughout the scriptures and which forms the foundation for our Christian lives, is still as powerful today as it ever was.  Understanding this and aligning our lives according to the principle can have such a powerful and profound impact on our lives.  Not only can it literally usher us into a new dimension, it can bring us to a place where God can use us to usher others into their divine purpose and mandate with blessing, anointing and power.

We need to shift our understanding of partnership from a human or natural perspective to a divine perspective.  Only then will we be able to partner with God and those He connects us to with both fullness of faith and purpose.  You could say that when God looks upon a covenant or a partnership, he sees one entity.  He treats all the parties the same way and rewards everybody equally, even if some have contributed more than others.  He does not withhold from one while he lavishes another with his blessings.  No, He blesses them all as though they all contributed the same.

In my life, I can testify to seasons of tremendous growth, increased anointing and prophetic revelation as I have partnered with various ministries and men of God.  In fact, if it were not for certain men of God in my life, I would not be where I am today.  You could say, therefore, that those individuals are due a measure of credit for where I am today.  They are partakers of the fruit of my ministry.

The same is true of my spiritual sons and daughters and those who have been directly affected through my life and ministry.  Today I am blessed and encouraged to partake of the fruits of their ministry, and I don’t only mean financially, although that is a part of it.  I cannot tell you how fulfilling and satisfying it is for me to see my spiritual sons and daughters who have matured in the Lord under my guidance enter into their unique callings and destinies in God.  To know that, by the grace and leading of God, I have made a positive difference in their lives is truly one the most encouraging and fulfilling things in my life.  What a blessing it is!

I have seen this principle played out in so many ways and in so many scenarios, and I am always amazed, yet never surprised, at just how powerful it is.  Partnering with like-minded men and women to fulfill a God-given mandate is the most exhilarating experience life has to offer.

I am so grateful for how far God has brought me and what He has imparted to me through those He has connected me with.  Likewise, I am also grateful for the difference that God has made through me in the lives of others as we have journeyed together.  My heart’s desire is to continue to grow our network of partners who share our vision of restoration in the kingdom.

If this article has in some way inspired you or, if having read this you feel prompted to partner with us and our ministry, I would dearly love to explore the possibilities that God may bring about through our alignment.  Please make contact with us through this publication to get the ball rolling….

I would like to end with a quote on the principle of partnership by Dr Claude Noel:  “God grows us through partnerships and He grows our ministry through projects. The partnership is the root that nourishes the project which is the fruit.”

I look forward to sharing fruit with you.

God bless you,