Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you know, I visited the Unites States during the month of May, this time taking Michael along with me for the journey.

The reason I brought Michael along was, not only because I thought it would be an invaluable experience for him, but also because of the desire that I have had for some time now to hold a conference in the United States, addressing the subject of spiritual father/son relationships.  By bringing Michael along, it was a wonderful and very practical example to those we ministered to of the beauty and power of this glorious principle.

After over 25 hours of travelling, we arrived in Orlando feeling very tired indeed!  We spent our first evening at the home of Steve and Nikki Farkas, our office managers and administrations in the USA, before travelling down to New Port Richey the following day where we would be accommodated in the home of our long time friend and ministry partner, Anna Speros.

Michael ministered at New Horizons Worship Centre on Wednesday evening the 11th of May and taught on the power of submission. His message was a word in season and was very well received by all.  It is one that I highly recommend to you, if you have not yet listened to it.

The following Sunday (15th of May) I also ministered at New Horizon, preaching in the morning and then doing a four-part seminar in the evening on the principle of stewardship.  It was a powerful and impactful time of ministry and it was wonderful to connect and spend time with Pastor Gabrial, who is the senior pastor, and his ministry team.

On Wednesday the 18th of May, Michael ministered again, this time at House of Faith in Hudson, Florida, where Apostle Jim Pickens made us all feel most welcome indeed.  Michael ministered on embracing humility, and was once again very well received.

On Saturday the 21st of May, House of Faith hosted our first ever conference in the United States.  The theme of the conference was ‘Advancing the Kingdom of God through Fathers and Sons’ and Marion Esposito, Michael and I were the speakers.  What was also very special about the conference is that we gathered together to lay hands on Marion and commission her into her own prophetic ministry.  It was a wonderful occasion and special mention must be made of Marion who worked tirelessly with her team to put the conference together and ensure that it ran smoothly!
On Sunday the 22nd I ministered once again at House of faith, and was led by the Spirit to minister a prophetic message from the heart of God entitled, ‘Contending for the Faith.’  It is a call from the Lord to each of us in this time and season, and I encourage you to download the podcast and have a listen to it if you have not yet done so.

With that, we wrapped up our time of ministry in Florida, and made our way back up to Orlando from where Michael headed back home to Cape Town, and I went on to our spiritual family in Colorado.

I was very blessed to see the hunger and the growth of the house church in Colorado.  They have grown, not only spiritually, but numerically too.  Their faith and enthusiasm have spilled out and has attracted others, so we praise God for how he is adding to the group.  It is encouraging to see how God is moving there and I anticipate only further growth and increase as time goes by.

I would like to reiterate just how much Christalla and I value your prayer and support in this ministry.  Going over to the States and spending time with loved ones who have walked this journey of faith by our side for over 20 years has reminded me, not only of how far we have come, but that we could never have done it on our own.  We owe so much to these precious and faithful individuals who have supported us with their prayers, gifts, resources and friendship, and continue to do so diligently and with such great love and zeal.

We celebrate you, appreciate you and bless you!

In His service,
Andreas Kyriacou