My journey with Pastor Andreas began late in the year of 2000.  Since that time our relationship has grown to the extent that I am now married to his second daughter, work alongside him in the ministry, and have a mandate from God to be an ‘Elisha’ figure to him, serving him in the ministry.  None of this would have been possible without his prayerful intervention in my life.  God has used him in a mighty way to father and train me into the man I am today.   Although I am not a finished product, much of the spiritual, relational, financial and personal growth and progress I have made over these years is due, in no small part, to his influence as he has been led by the Lord.

It makes the world of difference when you know that someone is consistently praying for you and for your breakthroughs.  His regular seasons of prayer on behalf Helen and myself have brought forth many words of prophesy from the Lord that helped strengthen us in our times of trial and need.  He has helped us stay focused on what is really important to the Lord, and in-so-doing, helped us make room for the Lord to move mightily in our lives and circumstances.

Although Pastor Andreas is my father-in-law, he was my spiritual father and mentor long before, and that has never changed.  One of my greatest joys is the way in which our relationship has grown and how, despite the family ties (which have the ability to cause a contemptuous familiarity), he still has the freedom to speak openly into my life.  He continues to encourage and coach me in my      private life, as well as in the ministry.  He helps me see the pitfalls that lie ahead and exercise the gifts that God has given me in a safe environment of trust and accountability.

I am where I am today in no small part because of his love, time, prayer and influence in my life.  I appreciate the wisdom and experience that he has invested into my life and strive to exemplify the example of love, faith, Godliness and sincerity that he has lived out before me.  It must also be stated that Christalla (mom) has also had a huge role to play in this regard and to leave her out of this testimony would be a travesty.  She has been a pillar of strength to both my wife and I, as well as to Pastor Andreas.  It is her rock-solid stability and practical sensibilities that help hold us all steady when the winds blow and the rain begins to fall!

I love you dad & mom, and find it very difficult to articulate how much I appreciate you and your influence in my life.  As I navigate my own journey of fatherhood, I know that I have a richness of wisdom and understanding to invest into the life of my children because of all that you have invested into me!  May the generational blessing of the Lord bring you much joy and fulfillment for all the years of labour and toil you have invested into His kingdom and the spiritual family He has given you.

With much love,
Michael Morris.