Dear friends and family,

As we go from city to city and from church to church, strengthening and encouraging the souls of the disciples in Cyprus, we are mindful of your prayers and we thank God daily for each one of you as you share in our ministry both here in Cyprus and elsewhere the Lord has called us to serve by strengthening His church with the gift Christ has given us.

For the purpose of clarifying our ministry’s purpose in Cyprus and our frequent visits here, we thought that it would be beneficial to outline in just a few words our primary goals and objectives so that when you pray for us you do so with clarity and understanding.

Our mission is two-fold and has two primary objectives: first, to strengthen and encourage the body of Christ on the Island with the gift that Christ has given us, and second, to encourage leaders to reach out and build meaningful relationships with other leaders in their city and unite in prayer in seeking God’s face on behalf of the entire church, and also the nation of Cyprus.

For the past two weeks we have been ministering in the Paphos province as well as facilitating our annual prayer coordinators retreat in Limassol over the weekend of the 18th and 19th of March.

I am pleased to announce that the retreat was fruitful in that we have covered all that we purposed to do during our time together. It was wonderful to renew our friendships and recharge our spirits by focusing on the Lord and attending to His plans and purposes for the Church and the nation as a whole.

It was a great pleasure for us all to welcome among us Pastor Dave Bailey along with elder Brian from the Larnaca Community Church (LCC). This was the first time they participated in such an event and we thank God for the passion and love they carry for the nation of Cyprus. In addition we were equally glad to receive Pastor Billy Hellmark from the International Christian Fellowship (ICF) in Limassol who participated and fellowshipped with us in prayer on Friday evening.

It is clearly evident that more and more pastors and leaders of the church in Cyprus are seeing the need for building and cultivating meaningful relationships with each other in every city, and often coming together in unity, seeking God’s face.

We are seeing the Lord moving in a wonderful way, knitting hearts together and building this new wineskin which will serve God’s kingdom well in being able to hold and contain the coming outpouring of God’s Spirit. All glory and praise to the Lord Jesus for displaying and manifesting His mercy and grace upon the church in Cyprus.

This past weekend saw us conclude our ministry in Paphos as we move on to Limassol and Nicosia for the remainder of our stay.

I will be in touch at a later date and give you more feedback as we continue our ministry on the Island.

We love and appreciate you.


Andreas and Christalla