The Messenger Came…

Several Sundays have come and gone, but the message lingers on!  The message:  Prayer!  A provoking topic that took us far beyond the prayer of grace, bedtime prayers, or “give me something, please God” request!  The messenger delivered an anointed word on “The Power of Prevailing Prayer.”

Pointing to the inspired words of James 5:16-18, the messenger brought us words which assist us in describing prevailing prayer: “effectual, fervent prayer, prayed earnestly, prayed again.”  This is prayer that fulfills promises yet unfulfilled.  It is prayer uttered with a continual belief and expectation that God, in His kairios time, will bring forth “rain to overcome drought, healing balm to heal bodies, recovery of stolen dreams, and change that transforms lives”.

To prevail requires a strong, powerful mindset of faith that overcomes the hindrances, natural or demonic, designed to restrain us from receiving the answers to our prayers.  Prevailing prayer is prayer that the “gates of hell cannot prevail against” as Jesus used in Matthew 16:18.

Prayers and promises unfulfilled?  Has their time come and gone?  But think!  The messenger states some answers and promises were ready to be birthed, but they did not come to manifestation.  Why?  Was the Church ready?  Were you and I ready?

When the Body of Christ or a believer is caught up in a carnal life and lifestyle, that weakness permeates the strength of the universal Church and the spiritual strength of the individual. Results:  unfulfilled prayers and promises!   Jeremiah 8:18-22 speaks of such a time.  Such as has been of the Church’s condition since the 1950s!  Thank God the Church is coming out of its grogginess – now awakening to God’s plan and purpose to be fulfilled!

Listening to the messenger, the congregation and I found our ears opened to hear his words!  May we prevail in our prayers so our prayers “prevail”!

Each time the messenger favors us with a time of ministry, it is a growth time, both individually and collectively as a fellowship.  We are blessed by his walk with God and his willingness to share with us.

The messenger: Apostle Andreas!  As I am the apostle over House Of Faith, and on behalf of our people, my wife, Pat, and I thank you and we thank God for you!  Just as always, Apostle Andreas, you delivered an inspired message of instruction, a bit of correction, and encouragement to prevail in all things relating to the Kingdom, the Church, our personal life, and the ministry given us and to our fellowship by God!  May He reward you well!

Come again, my friend!

Dr. Jim Pickens
House Of Faith
Hudson, Florida  USA