Dear Alpha & Omega Family,

During my stay in Florida with Dad (Andreas Kyriacou), I got to spend time with faithful friends that have partnered with the ministry for a considerable length of time and have come to know them as family as well!

As you know Dad journeyed from Colorado after spending time with the newly established house church in Gypsum, which is quickly growing and blossoming in the Lord. I met up with Dad and spent a week in Florida. Although I would have loved to meet everyone in Gypsum (and feel I already know them thanks to their interviews, thank you Gypsum!), I am grateful I got to see a different side of the Alpha & Omega family.

Florida is home to a faithful group of people who have actively supported the ministry for years. The earliest of these relationships began as far back as 1987 when Steve and Anna Speros invited Dad to the USA for the first time. (Be sure to watch the latest Family Focus as we interview Anna Speros and discover how this divine appointment came to be.)

In the ministry’s years of growth, relationships like the Speros family provided such great support and encouragement and still do so today. The people of Florida are pillars within the ministry, invaluable and standing faithfully with us throughout the years.

Steve and Niki Farkas are another of these pillars and we are blessed to have them on board, ever willing and able to assist us throughout the years. In fact, they head up the US based administration of the ministry. They are quick to offer their support, practically or through a welcome word of encouragement.

Mention must also be given to Marion Esposito as well as to Nick and Sherry Kallivokas, who always bless us with their company and companionship. We would like to again express our sincere gratitude to Apostle Jim & Pastor Pat Pickens for their continued support and hospitality. It is so wonderful to have such faithful friends in the ministry.

Dad’s purpose in travelling to Florida is always to spend quality time with these Alpha & Omega family members mentioned above. Ministering to each other face-to-face, which is crucial to any relationship. (If you are unfamiliar with these family members, we will continue to introduce them to you in the coming weeks through the ongoing feature – Alpha & Omega: Family Focus – stay tuned!)

We are now back home in Cape Town, South Africa, but always connected to the US family. I especially feel blessed in the time spent with our Florida family. Thank you Florida, and a big thank you to everyone connected to our global family for your continued support and prayer. We look forward to many a shared journey together.

God bless,
Stephen Kyriacou.