Peter and I decided to run our second Alpha course at the start of this year due to the success of the last one which we ran in Cape Town in 2015. We felt it was a good platform to start our ministry here in Zimbabwe since the Alpha course structure largely involves hospitality and relationship building. We started the three-month course beginning February to end the last week of April. We were able to invite a group of 6 people, including acquaintances, friends and some of Peter’s work employees on the course.

The group joined us every Tuesday evening for a social dinner followed by the Alpha DVD session and discussion. It provided a great non-threatening environment for people to socialise and build new friendships, whilst also getting to ask and discuss tough faith questions and get solid foundational teaching.

We prayed for God to lead us to the people we needed to invite. We were expecting to minister to complete unbelievers. Instead, God gave us a group who all had a Christian background, but who did not have a living and active relationship with Christ and were in need of much foundational teaching and discipleship.

They were very grateful to cover topics like, how and why to pray and read the bible as well as receiving teaching on the Holy Spirit. The four sessions on the Holy Spirit were done on a weekend away which was a great opportunity for further bonding as a group and having a exclusive time for the ministry of the Spirit.

On our last evening, many shared how the course has helped them re-ignite their relationship with God as well as start or grow, a better prayer life and interest in God’s word. They also expressed appreciation for the new friendships formed and for a comfortable environment to share and grow in understanding.

Our plan with the Lord’s guidance and after positive feedback from those on the course is to continue meeting as a discipleship group on Tuesday evenings. Keeping a similar format of sharing a meal together followed by a time of teaching and discussion. We hope to provide further teachings on foundational aspects and principles whilst continuing to disciple each person on their personal walks with the Lord. We are also trusting that the Lord will add others to the group and hopefully grow this as a home church ministry.

Kind Regards
Emma Henson