Dear friends, partners, and members of our ministry,

Greetings of peace to you and your family in Jesus Name!  We remember you in our prayers and continue to thank God for your participation and partnership in our ministry by standing with us and assisting us in extending the influence of God’s kingdom through the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have been in Cyprus for just over three weeks and we continue to travel throughout the island in fulfilling our ministry commitments which have been made months in advance.  So far our ministry in the various churches that we relate to has been blessed and fruitful.  Our primary objectives in coming so regularly to Cyprus is, firs t and foremost, to encourage, exhort and strengthen the body of Christ on the Island (Acts 15:32), and secondly to meet with the leadership of the “Praying Church” with the purpose of giving vision and direction for the way ahead.

For those of you who may not be familiar with what the “Praying Church” is, it is a movement towards prayer and unity within the leadership of the church in Cyprus which started some 10 years ago and is gaining momentum, spreading throughout the provinces of the Island.  Part of my mission in Cyprus is to meet with the pastors who are involved in this initiative for prayer twice a year for fellowship and planning the direction of this ministry.

On Saturday the 1st of October we are scheduled to meet for such a purpose and we earnestly covet your prayers for this event.  We will continue our ministry throughout the weekend of the 1st and 2nd of October with a seminar on Sunday morning at ACOJC (Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ).

We will go back to Limassol on the 9th of October for further ministry at a fellowship called “Jesus House” and on Friday the 14th of October all of the Churches in Paphos are coming together for an evening of celebration, as well as a visible expression of the church’s unity in the province.  I was asked by the leadership to be their guest speaker on that evening.

We round up our trip by travelling to Nicosia on the 15th of October for ministry on Sunday the 16th with brother George at the Sri Lankan Christian Fellowship. Brother George is a partner and member of our Grapevine Cluster with Church of the Nations, the apostolic movement we are part of.

Please continue to pray for the events I have mentioned above by asking the Father to give us open hearts and minds as well as boldness to proclaim the word without fear.  Ask the Father to confirm His word with signs following in accordance with His word in Acts 4:30.

Blessings to you and your family,
Andreas and Christalla