Leaders united
Paradisos Hills hotel
Aerial view of Paradisos Hills hotel

Beloved partners,

I greet you and your family in the peace of God our Father and Jesus our Lord.

This post is to inform you of the context and events of our current Cyprus outreach. It is important for me to illustrate what we are engaged in, so your prayers may be relevant and effective.

My observation from this trip, as with previous visits, is that the Church in Cyprus lacks a unifying prophetic revelation.  

Proverbs 29:18 (NKJV)

“Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint;

But happy is he who keeps the law.”

As a consequence, there is a lot of confusion in the Church as a whole, resulting in disorder and competition between the various church bodies and ministries operating within the country.

It is, for this reason, leaders from almost every province of the island gathered together to pray and wait on the Lord in unity. During this time together (3rd & 4th of March), within the beautiful village setting of Lysos,  the Lord clearly revealed that although there is a lot of spiritual activity in Cyprus, it is all geared towards each leaders’ independent ministry, building their own house and pursuing their own vision. Thus resulting in the neglect of God’s holistic vision for the island, as one body of Christ. (As referenced in Haggai Chapter 1)

I am personally invested in and believe God is calling us to proclaim and release prophetic revelation to the united Church of Cyprus.

Proclaiming this prophetic revelation to the Church is vitally important as a work of preparation, prior to the Lord’s stirring, bringing much-needed revival within the Church and the nation as a whole.

Being able to see and understand what God is doing on the Island empowers the Church to co-operate with His Spirit and become co- laborers together with God. Building His unified house and pursuing His vision rather than our own.

In this aid, a conference entitled ” Together for Cyprus”, has been organized to take place on Saturday the 18th of March.  In this setting, another opportunity will be presented, where I  will be sharing God’s unifying prophetic vision to the leaders, who will gather together from the various provinces.

Please lift us all up in prayer, as we come together and seek God in unity. Please specifically pray that I may speak and communicate God’s revelation with great boldness, which in turn will enable the Leaders of His Church to unite and come together in United prayer for the Island.

Thanking You,

Andreas Kyriacou