What is FAQ?

FAQ – Faith Asks Questions is a space where we can discuss & debate the Bible. It is a forum where we can voice the difficult questions we often ask ourselves, but either we don’t get the opportunity or feel too uncomfortable to pose them in a traditional church context.


Young adults. You (and your friends) that’s why you are reading this.


The forum will take place online through our GoToMeeting platform: https://gotomeet.me/alpha-omega Enabling both the international and local Alpha & Omega Family members to join. 


Well as this is a forum, we need your participation. Simply let us know the faith questions that have been rolling through your head and heart recently in the registration form below.  We will then select a question or two and do the necessary preparation. We welcome anonymity, if you would like to remain anonymous please specify in the field provided.


The next FAQ forum will take place on Saturday,  29 May 2021 @ 19h00 (SAST)/11h00 (MST) and we would love for you to join. You are welcome to invite your friends, even if you have been previously hesitant to introduce them to anything “church”.  As we start this journey together, we will be having them on an Ad-hoc basis, letting you know in advance when the next forum will take place.

Until then

Register for the next forum and submit your questions (see form below). Remember to consider the spirit we will be asking faith questions and why we ask them in the first place. Below are some guidelines to take note of:

  1. Ask questions to know God better—not to pretend you are God & have all the answers.
  2. Ask questions to better serve others—not to prove yourself correct.
  3. Ask questions to challenge oppressive theology and doctrine—not to perpetuate discrimination within the Church.
  4. Ask questions to bask in the wonder of the Lord—not to try to fully understand what we know is unfathomable to our human hearts and minds.