Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ

I take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge and thank Pastor Andreas for covering the ministry of JOY! and JUIG! Magazines.   When I was called to      restart JOY!  I had no experience in publishing but had a clear instruction from God to be a prophetic voice to Christians in this country.  I was called to promote a Biblical Worldview amongst Christians.  I knew instinctively that we needed  a  “like-minded”  prophetic spiritual covering for the magazine and prayed and God showed me to approach Andreas.

I met Pastor Andreas about 20 years ago and throughout the years he has taught me to fear God and to be obedient.  He has played a major role in my spiritual development and baptized me 15 years ago and taught me all about  faith and walking in the Spirit.  He has become a very trusted confidant, friend and spiritual father to me and has always encouraged me to be all I can for God during this lifetime.

He has covered this ministry since its 2nd edition. He also brought forth 6 very, very,  prophetic founding scriptures upon which this ministry operates.  I have referred to these scriptures countless times and quote them all the time.  The staff are regularly reminded of these very profound Words from the Lord and it has enabled us to overcome any objections that have faced us.  Pastor Andreas visits the ministry approx. once per month for lunch with all the staff  and brings us a powerful message.  These messages bring unity amongst the diverse Christian denominations amongst us and have been, in many cases, life         changing.  He is loved and respected by all.

I personally do not believe that this ministry would have enjoyed the success and influence it has without Pastor Andreas’ covering and prayers.    The same can be said for my life personally. I value and appreciate his commitment to serve us.  May the fruit of my life and the ministry of JOY! and JUIG! abound to him and stand as an encouragement to him for his dedication and loyalty.

Yours in Christ
Erin Georgiou