During their current Cyprus trip, Andreas & Christalla were joined by Johann & Antonet Marx from the Gypsum House Church (Colorado, USA). We asked them to share their unique perspective on Cyprus and their overall experience of the ministry being done there.
This is what they had to say :
After banking enough courage we ventured as official USA citizens to visit with Andreas and Christalla on the beautiful island of Cyprus. We arrived after an enduring 27-hour journey. We found travelling through Cyprus also quite a challenging with the narrow, winding roads. We had the privilege of accompanying Pastor K and Christalla to The Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ in Limassol where Pastor K ministered the word. We received a very warm welcome there and fortunately for us, the word was presented in both English and Greek.
Having travelled quite the distance we made it home by 11 pm on Friday night, venturing back to the church on Sunday morning for their 10 am service. The congregation was very open and receptive to the word of God. There was a great anointing with an altar call and many tears. We were asked by their pastor to say a few words and introduce ourselves, which was an honour for us.
Seeing places where Paul walked to convert the first Christians in Cyprus, has been an amazing experience. Overall we found the people to be very courteous and hospitable. A big advantage here for visitors is the fact that English is a commonly spoken and understood language.
Johann and Antonet