We were tremendously blessed to be a part of the COTN Grapevine Cluster retreat held on the last weekend of August.  It was our largest gathering to date! 
Spiritual leaders from South Africa and around the world joined together for a time of ministry and fellowship. Our hearts were ministered to and relationships were deepened in our time together.

We were particularly blessed to host our American partners; Pastor Andrew Columbia (Mount Carmel, New York), Pastor Tim Franklin (Viera, Florida), Marion Esposito (Hudson, Florida) and Elize van der Westhuizen (Gypsum, Colorado). We loved spending some quality time with them, breaking bread together in the scenic surrounds of our beautiful city, Cape Town. Don’t take my word for it, you can read Tim and Marion’s feedback below:

Pastor Tim Franklin (Viera, Florida)

Something happens around a wonderful meal with people—strangers and friends alike. It’s called community. People who have something in common and choose to share life together within that given framework. I very much enjoyed the relaxing environment to get to know new people and to build deeper relationships with those I have come to love. I have been to many conferences in my life but this one was different in that the structure and heart were conducive to relationship building. This was refreshing! I also enjoyed the relaxed pace for it gave me time to process what I was learning and to grow with those I was walking with. Alexander Venter presented a great word in his sessions. My greatest take away: “Jesus took on spiritual disciplines to be like his Father.” Help me Holy Spirit, that too is my desire! My passion for that was renewed all the more. I want to say “Thank you!” for all your hospitality and generosity. It was amazing!

Marion Esposito (Hudson, Florida)

In all my years of ministry and service my trip to Cape Town South Africa this year was absolutely life-changing. I was hosted in the home of my spiritual father and mother Andreas and Christalla. I have had the absolute pleasure of attending the Grapevine Cluster Retreat of COTN and I have come to realize the importance of covenant relationships, divine appointments and divine assignments. I also had the honor of experiencing Alpha and Omega‘s passing on of the mantle to Micheal and Helen and Stephen and Nicole. I have been honored to be part of this monumental time and to experience the power of fathering and mothering. The spiritual principle of mentoring and spiritual fathering have become more vital in my life and I believe the importance of it is life-changing. I have been truthfully honored to be part of this trip to Cape Town and and Alpha & Omega ministries international. I will forever be changed and I go back to the United States with a new focus and a purpose.
Thank you Andreas and Christalla.