I would like to share what means to me to know Andreas and Christalla.

We first got connected many, many years ago!  By the Lord’s supernatural hand, Andreas and Christalla have become such a blessing to both my late husband Steve and I, as well as to our family.  They were always there for us in times of need and have been a constant support to us; spiritually, relationally, emotionally and in so many other ways.

We came to know the Lord and grow in our spiritual journey through the teachings of the Word of God by Andreas.  We learned how to stand in faith, walk in love and to trust the Lord in every situation in our lives.  With all the ups and downs that live has thrown our way, Andreas and Christalla have been a constant source of strength, encouragement and wisdom to us.  They are truly such a wonderful gift of God to us and to our children.

My prayer is that the Lord will continue to use them for those who are hungry for the Lord and His authentic word.

In His love,