Dear Alpha and Omega Family,

Towards the end of February 2018, Pastor Andreas travelled to Harare, Zimbabwe, to visit with us, Peter and Emma Henson, as well as the rest of the folks who form part of the Harare house Church. The focus of his visit was to encourage us in our pioneering efforts and share vision for the way forward.

With each of Pastor’s visits, we are further encouraged and strengthened in Gods vision for the work to which we were called to do in Harare. We are establishing something new and it can be challenging at times as we do not yet have the blessing of an established Church like musical instruments for worship or Sunday school for the young ones. We trust though in the Lord that as we are faithful in serving God in the little He will bless us with more and increase our spiritual family. We humbly ask our fellow brothers and sisters for their prayerful support.

One of the highlights of Pastor Andreas’ visit was the word of the Lord which came to Peter on the morning of our fast and prayer. We will not share the entire word but only the essence of what the Lord spoke to Peter’s heart. The word of the Lord reassured us for the second time that He was calling us to enter fully into the ministry of the Shepherd. A ministry of caring, praying and feeding the people the Lord brought to them and to invest more of their time and life attending to the flock.

The Lord encouraged Peter and myself to invest in relationships with the people who form part of the house Church as well as those that we disciple every week. This word spoken to Peter directly from the Spirit of God brought much clarity and encouragement to both of us.Overall it was a time of fellowship, prayer, and encouraging one another in the Lord.

Thank you to all who prayed and continue to pray for us.

Emma HensonĀ  (Harare, Zimbabwe)