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Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for breakthrough

    In our business, we have been made certain promises by customers regarding new business being released. Our relationship with them is very good, based on previous business, and a level of trust exists. We see this new business as low hanging fruit, ready to be picked, based on their statements to us. There appears to be a blockage in them getting back to me, as to when this will take place. We pray for a removal of the blockage, that it may rain forth, as promised. This is critical to our growth . Please pray this in agreement with Elaine and I, over our business, Pure Lifestyle.

  • Important Upcoming Meeting Prayer Request

    Hi everyone
    In the coming weeks I will be meeting with the Minister of Police to talk about firearms legislation reform and how South African gun owners can help the SAPS out of their very poor and dilapidated state.

    I would like to ask for prayer to prepare the Minister's heart and mind, as well as mine, and to give me the words to connect with him.

    Many thanks

  • Webinar Prayer Guide

    Webinar Prayer Guide

    Below is a list of prayer requests that can be prayed individually in your quiet times and/or corporately during our webinar:

    i) Praying for Leaders (1 Timothy 2:1)
    ii) Praying for our house churches around the world (Ephesians 1:15-21)
    iii) Thank God for our generous givers and asking God to fulfil His promises towards them (Philippians 4, Malachi 3)
    iv) Praying for doors of utterance (Colossians 4:3)
    v) Pray for the Word to run swiftly and be glorified among the listeners (2 Thessalonians 3:1)

  • Prayer for Support

    Hi all
    GOSA filed papers to be admitted as amicus curiea (friends of the court) on Friday, and will argue before the court on Wednesday why it should be admitted.

    Please pray for wisdom for the counsel and court, and that GOSA will be admitted. The main applicant has said that they will not oppose us.

  • Release of funds

    We are awaiting monies due, that are owed to us, in the business. At the same time, we owe monies to suppliers and service providers, both in the business and personally. We pray for release of the funds due to us and the ability to pay our debts. We pray for strength in the inner man through the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, and God's favour upon us to release a flood of business into our business, so that we can honour God through His work on earth through His agents, such as Alpha and Omega Ministries. We do see this happening.


Praise Report

  • On Behalf Of Grant Tapson said...

    Grant Tapson has informed us that his Dad, Vernon Tapson, has had a successful knee replacement operation and is recovering well.
    Thank you for your prayerful support!

  • Haydn Wright said...

    Our dearly beloved Father. In Jesus name and through the power of your Holy Spirit, we give thanks and praise to You for strengthening us in the inner man, to take us through the last year. It's been a difficult year, Lord. We thank you for sustaining, strengthening and protecting us, and for bringing financial breakthrough for us. We look forward to continued growth, in You, Father, knowing that You are our provider and protector. We thank you for Pastor Andreas and his team, Lord.We pray a blessing over Alpha and Omega, for growth in every area of the ministry. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

  • Jonathan Wright said...

    Some formal feedback on the long winded request from a few weeks ago.
    One of the few obstacles in our way that we as GOSA needed removed was malicious forces in the police. I am pleased to say that Major General Bothma, the director of the Firearms Registry, was forced to resign. There are more obstacles in SAPS, but praise be to God for this! We don't know who will replace Bothma yet. A Brigadier General was also slapped with a personal costs order by a court for his arbitrary conduct at the Registry.
    The GOSA legal team has also formed a pretty solid case it seems.

    We still need prayer for financial support, further moving of obstacles, and for admission to the Court.

    Praise be to God for what he has done and is doing!

  • Danielle Colombo said...

    Hi Andreas I have some amazing news I have been hired at a predatory Bird Rescue and rehabilitation center (eagle encounters ) and ill be working under an amazing woman who is also in the faith. Thanks to you and everyone here who prayed for me, my prayers have been answered and I am able to do something I love. I have also made a decision about the job opportunity in Mpumalanga I will not take it until I have formed a solid foundation in the spirit (Im just a baby after all) and with The love and guidance from the Wright family I had come to this decision. I can honestly say if it wasn't for all of you I know this would never have happened thank you for your guidance an prayers.

    From Danielle

  • Wendy Beckley said...

    We are so happy to report back that Nicholas was successful in his endeavor to acquire work with the Home Depot.
    He officially starts work Monday, Dec 11th. Apparently, there were 14 other applicants...We give all the glory to our faithful Father in heaven and thank the church for their prayers.We are so grateful to you all...we ask that you continue to keep him in our prayers during these early days...#1 that Satan the destroyer does not come to rob him of his joy and Gods promises #2 that the Lord continues to work in a mighty way in his life.We are standing in faith and on his word and look to Psalm 139 for reassurance that Gods hand guides and holds us even in darkness. ..Thank you all.