About 10 years ago when Pastor Andreas Kyriacou was visiting Cyprus I met with him at the home of Pastor George H’ Yiannis, as a representative of the churches in Cyprus who were members of the Cyprus Evangelical Alliance.

The following day he was preaching at a local church and at the end of the meeting we invited him to our home for a meal. He had some commitments that afternoon so his visit was short. To me it was long enough to change my life as he threw a challenge to me about the condition of the Church in Cyprus. I have taken up that challenge, I prayed and fasted for 7 days and at the end I was able to answer to God and say “Lord I’m willing to pay the price whatever it might be, no matter how much it will cost me.”

After that, I wrote to Pastor Andreas about all the details of this challenge as he was the one who deposited it in my heart. Since then we started communicating with each other and tried to meet once a year to have fellowship and pray together, believing in the Lord’s divine appointment, so that His kingdom will be extended in a greater measure in Cyprus.

In the first of our annual meetings 19-20 January 2007 we felt the Lord wanted us to be those that would sound the trumpet of awakening to the Church in Cyprus and initiate a prayer network to cover the whole Island. At the same time we felt it would be good to get the Pastors/Leaders and wives away for a weekend and share about our vision and the challenge that God has put in our hearts.

A conference was organized and brought just over 100 Pastors/Leaders and their wives under the ministry of Pastor Andreas that resulted into forming prayer groups in every city of the Island, praying for our City and Country.

The year 2011 has seen long divided Pastors and churches reconciled and meeting together, having functions together and planning ahead as a body in Cyprus.

The impact of his ministry is still continuing on today to encourage, challenge, and inspire leaders all over Cyprus to come together and pray for the extension of God’s kingdom in Cyprus

Lakis Georgiou